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Shingle Roof repair

Shingle Roof Repair

We make repairing your shingle roof easy. From small roof leaks repairs like a high nail to complete roof replacement. We can expertly match the color of your existing roof shingles so after the roof repair it looks like new and blends in with the existing roof. A number of common areas that consistently cause problems in our area are the various area of roof flashing on your roof approximately 85 per cent of all roof repairs can be attributed to roof flashings. If you think of a roof in its simplest form a shed type two sided roof is the easiest. Unfortunately roofs are designed with penetrations and walls that are used to help with the design and architecture of the roof. Numerous angles , valleys skylights, solar panels are installed on most roofs and they all have roof flashing. Over the last 20 years we have successfully repaired thousands of roof in this Orlando area. This local experience gives us a unfair advantage over other companies. Most of our new clients are sometimes surprised at how quickly we can identify the source of your roof leak problem and how we can clearly communicate a effective roof repair solution that with solve your roof leak and best of all will be within your budget. We are honest local fully licensed roofing professionals and our advise is always Free. Even if you have had another company look at your roof we would always advise getting another opinion.Our FREE roof inspection is the easiest way to start this will give you all the answers to your questions for what needs to be done to solve your shingle roof leak problems. Call us on 407-925-7361 or fill out out our free estimate request form.

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Tile Roof Repair

Tile Roof repair

Orlando tile roof repair specialists. We have the expertise and knowledge to repair the problem with your tile roof. Weather you have a couple of loose of broken roof tiles or need a extensive tile roof repair we guarantee that we will find the source of the tile roof leak and exactly what needs to be done to prevent further problems. We are installers of all the major Florida roof tile companies. We understand how important it is that after the repairs are completed that the roof looks like new we can match the existing roof tile on your home. Experience counts with the roof tile systems installed on the Orlando metro area and our outstanding value and experience has had us travel over most of the state to repair problem tile roofing systems. We have vast experience of all types of tile roofs and the various types of system. The concrete or clay roof tiles are normally not the problem when it comes to a tile roof repair Orlando. tile roof flashings can normally consist of a highly flexible material called lead flashing and the problem is it wears out and splits with the expansion and contraction that occurs daily on top of the roof. More that any other local Orlando roofing material you need a roof tile specialist that understand how and why you have a roof repair situation. With the experience comes knowledge and with that knowledge we will repair your roof permanently so you have no more water damage in your home. Because we frankly know what we are doing we will be able to keep the cost of a roof repair on your tile roof affordable and within your budget. Always FREE estimates. After our initial visit you will have a honest evaluation of what needs to be done along with a fair price to complete and warranty all the work.

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Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roof repairs and leaks are the bad guys of Orlando Roofing. It critical that your flat roof be maintained and be 100% waterproof. its easy to forget about your flat roof until a repair is needed most flat roofs start to break down at the wall flashing and seams of the flat roof. If not located in a reasonable period of time the roof decking and insulation with deteriorate quickly. We can locate the flat roof repair and replace and repair any damaged wood or rafters that need renovating. There are a number of popular flat roof systems in use Florida among those are single ply, torchdown, tar and gravel. Each has its own particular quirks and remedies. Popular replacements are reflective roof systems either in white or smooth finishes. Recent advances in Roof technology has made self adhesive roof systems a good choice foe local florida rooms and porches. Best practices for all flat roofs are positive roof drainage that allows the rainwater to flow away from the roof. We can install tapered roof systems that will raise any low spots that hold water on the roof and give the roof a positive flow that will make the flat roof system last longer. We will explain in a easy to understand manor what is wrong with the roof and we will demonstrate with pictures what needs to be done. If we can do all this at a reasonable cost we feel confident we will be able to earn your business and at your name to our extensive list of previous roofing clients. Most flat roof repairs have wood and roof decking that needs to be replaced we will document all the repairs we do and your roof will look like new. Call us on 407-925-7361 for details.

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Metal Roof repair

Metal Roof repair

Metal roofing repair is getting more popular in new and reroofing situations. The reason it has become more popular are the visual appeal of the roof system, the wind resistance warranty and the large number of colors and profiles available. Many metal roof systems can last up to 40 or 50 years with maintenance and roof repairs. A roof maintenance plan will extend the life of the roof by eliminating and correcting potential roof leak areas. There are four main areas that cover and can be associated with a leaking metal roof. Missing sealant and caulking around flashing systems, Omission of the required bar and caulking-type sealants in the longitudinal roofing seam cavities, forgetting to install the extra strip of sealant at the four-way panel laps and at the eave connection and install tape sealant under the screw heads and missing caulking between the extra trim and the underside of the roof panels are the most common types. We can repair all metal roof systems and the most common repair and maintenance procedure formed on metal roof systems is the application of a roof coating. Coatings can be applied to provide a waterproof weatherproofing protection. They will provide reflection or emissivity which will keep the building interior cool which will also help with cooling costs. When they are properly applied, metal coatings can extend the service life of the metal system. Cool roofing and restoration are a growing part of the roofing repairs we perform for our clients in Central Florida and with so many different types of products, procedures and profiles its important that a contractor is familiar with the correct product for your roof. Contact us here or call us on 407-925-7361 and have your questions and concerns answered.

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What you need to know about roof repair !

  • All Estimates are Free always with our price to complete the work clearly in view
  • Fully Detailed Roof estimates will explain exactly what we will do to solve the roof problem
  • Vast Knowledge of all roofing materials and Roof systems
  • Experience roofing technicians means we will locate your roof problem quickly
  • Warranty all our roof repairs come with a full warranty
  • Thousands of satisfied roof repair clients in Orlando since 1993

Orlando Roof Repair Help and advice from Orlando Roofing Contractors

Orlando roof repair.

There are many types of repairs that can be needed on a roof In Orlando Florida. Usually the first sign is a stain or drip after a heavy wind or rain storm. If the roof leak is dripping inside on drywall ceiling we strongly recommend that you make some small holes with a screwdriver in the drywall to allow the leaking rainwater to escape, you can catch the offending roof leak water and hopefully save and stop your ceiling from collapsing. If you are able and you have some construction experience a tarp can be installed on the roof and over the general roof area that is causing a problem. The next step is to call a Local Orlando roofing contractor who specialist preferably one that has experience and knowledge in local roofing systems.

Some minor repairs like shingle replacement can be performed by a competent homeowner. Replacing shingles is a lot easier in cooler weather as the seal on the shingles comes apart easier. Use a metal flat bar between the shingles to separate them from each other. The sealant should snap or pop loose. Remove the nails from the shingle you are replacing, as well as from the shingle above it (since these nails go through the shingle you are replacing also). Replace the damaged or missing shingles with new shingles of matching color. Use roof cement to seal in the new shingles instructions.

Roof vents often become loose and need to be secured with new screws or nails. Recently we have been getting a lot of calls with homeowners having squirrels and other critters chewing and eating the leaded roof vents on the roof. Sometimes the roof vents need full replacement and we would advise calling a roofing professional as it involves removing part of the roof. Loose shingles are common on older roofs and ultimately a roof only lasts so long so Replacement of a shingle roof might be the best course of action if roof repairs are getting more frequent.

Roof tile repair brings up a whole set of roof problems and complications unless you know what you are doing this is an area when a local roofing contractor experienced with the different installation details of roof tile and flashing systems is recommended.

When hip or ridge shingles blow off, they can leave your roof system open to water in Florida special adhesives are made to install any loose of missing roof tiles. You may have to remove or loosen any shingles in the proximity of the blown-off shingle to allow you to re-fasten a new hip or ridge cap shingle. Always be sure to select a new hip or ridge shingle that matches your existing ones, both in color and thickness. Install the new piece, making sure it fully covers any existing ridge vent or other field shingles with the proper length fasteners. Replacing hip or ridge shingles requires working on some of the highest parts of your roof the hips and ridges. Always utilize proper safety equipment to prevent falls or injury when working on your roof.

Chimneys and the flashing are another common source of roof leak repairs. The exposed area on the roof gets constant rain driven storms and even a slight crack can create a big roof repair leak. In fact around 80 % of all roof repair leaks can be attributed to roof flashing systems. A large number of Orlando roofers don’t do flashing systems well and this results in lots of callbacks and bad roofing reviews from unhappy owners.

Orlando roofing contractors that have been in business for a least ten years are the safest way to choose a roofing contractor they have a proven track record of successful repairs along with experience and knowledge this ultimate combination cannot be bettered.

How to find A roof repair leak
To find a leak source, you need to know what water is likely to do. Water will always flow directly down with gravity. Obstructions, skylights and penetrations are the most common leak sources. Start by examining chimneys, skylights, and plumbing vents. Then inspect roof-to-wall transition areas where flashing takes the place of roofing, such as dormers, valleys, and eaves. Many times owners think they have leaks, when actually their roofs just do not have adequate ventilation. Always repair leaks promptly to avoid adverse effects, including mold growth.

Don't trust your biggest asset to just any contractor. Choose a Local Orlando Roofing Contractor with a proven track record of quality work, reputation, and dependability. We are Orlando Roofing Contractors that are state licensed; adequately insured, have a proven reputation.

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